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About Me

10 years ago I started asking myself: am I living the life that I had envisioned? I had a deep understanding that the life I wanted to achieve wasn’t my current reality. Anxiety crept around my head thinking about others' opinions about me. I made decisions based off of what i believed to be a true feeling at that respective time which led me to internal and emotional unhappiness and unfulfillment. This was the wake up call I needed to begin my awakening of my true self. I paid attention to the deep knowing that I can achieve all the things without giving a fuck what others thought and believed. I wanted to discover the love I knew I deserved.

I began working with energy healers and therapy with my psychotherapist to help uncover and unlock me from the limiting belief systems that had been ingrained into me as a child. With their help I developed a daily application of techniques that allowed me to accept myself as I was meant to be; the true self that exists for only one thing: freedom from all constructs. I’ve now been able to attract the friendships, new business (ideas and money), and the romantic love I always believed it should feel like.

Imagine this breakthrough only taking six weeks which will save you valuable time and money. It is my mission and passion to guide you on how to become Dope AF, manifest all of your dreams, let go of internal conflict, and fully step into your true self.

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